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1313 South Jefferson Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455 

Denney Land Surveying, LLC offers a full range of land surveying services in the northeast Texas area.  Land surveying is a unique profession for many reasons, but specifically because the surveyor has a duty to serve both his client and the public equally and simultaneously.  While speed and cost are extremely important factors for any job, our top priority is quality.  We always attempt to locate original survey markers and so follow in the footsteps of the original surveyor of your tract.  The owner is a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and a Licensed State Land Surveyor (one of fewer than 70 in the entire State of Texas) and has been fortunate enough to work for and learn from four different land surveyors that have a combined experience of over 130 years!  Taking pride in our work and delivering the best product possible is what we do.